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                                                              CANADIAN ASSAULT
The Editorial rambling of old metal fan...
A man is never too drunk, so long as he can hold onto one blade of grass and not fall off the face of the earth.
Well it is about fucking time I wrote something new in this space. The thing is I have not been spending as much time on this site as I probably should. Yeah I have been still adding updates here and there (mostly reviews). I could be more frequent with it. I will endeavor to step it up a bit. But what the hell right, us old goats have families, children and all kinds of other shit that needs our time and attention. Canadian Assault is still very important to me though and has been going for nearly 15 years now! It will keep on the march, ever vigilant and pissed off.
So partly what I was getting at is another reason I have spent a little less time on CA, is because I strengthened and re-rediscovered my love for film. I just can not seem to get enough of it lately and it is an ongoing obsession that I do not see waning any time soon. My love for movies and especially movies of the horror / gore / cult & exploitation variety. Those sick, mean, gory flicks and also I am getting into the 70s exploitation movies pretty hard lately, the grindhouse stuff and roughies and that sort of thing. I have always been into that but not at this level. It is like a fire that needs to be continually stoked with more firewood and fuel.
One of the ways I am getting my fix these days is through horror, exploitation and cult movie podcasts. If you have not gotten into the podcast scene too much, well then you are missing out. There is some amazing ones out there. They remind me in some ways of the old print metal fanzines. Not always the content, but the spirit of the thing and camaraderie. I wanted to throw some banner type links up here (see below) for any and all interested or curious about this and steer you towards a few of the best ones out there.  - DALE ROY

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