Exploited Cinema EP#15

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When there's no more room in hell....Exploited Cinema will do a Dawn of the Dead Commentary! Yes, the Gestapos of Grease are back with their second commentary. Bat32 & Andy the Dreamwarrior resurrect WEB PLUGS for a very special chit-chat ft. Riverman & The Lush from Behind the Mask Podcast. And of course the boys have upcoming DVD release annoncements. So get your Dawn of the Dead theatrical cut out and prepare yourself for Jdog's personal fan boy freakout!

1 comment:

  1. llove your podcast dudes
    i keep the grease coming
    dawn of the dead is a fantasic movie the only way it could be better iis if charles bronson took the lead
    did you know bronson was considered for escape from new york and ambassador thorn in the omen imagine how much better they would have been


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