Exploited Cinema EP#33

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Welcome to another episode of the greasiest podcast on the net. It's Jdog's pick this week and he chose a Michael Pare' episode featuring Eddie and The Cruisers (1983), Eddie and the Cruisers II: Eddie Lives! (1989) & Streets of Fire (1983). The exploiters of sleaze also premiere a new and improved mail segment. Get out your greaser gel and get ready to rock out with the Cruisers!


  1. currently listening to the show as I type, glad to see another show posted and the subject matter has me intrigued. Bat32 I have a somewhat large sized collection of rare dvd/dvdr's, If I can help you out with a copy of anything you need for yourself or the show, feel free to let me know. I would be glad to help out the show.

  2. You guys talked of doing a roughies type show next or in the future, maybe you guys could cover The Taming Of Rebecca. I hear so much about this film, how its in such bad taste that I would love to hear the Explo crew's opinion. I have yet to get to see this film yet, but am getting a copy very soon. From what I hear John Carpenter's Halloween score is used throughout the movie,and supposedly this was in Jeffery Dahmer's VCR when he was busted.


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