Exploited Cinema EP#42

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Exploited Cinema returns with their Two Year Anniversary show. This also doubles as their Halloween show. It's a two part mega show brimming with guests.
PART1: 42ND Street Pete & Cory G join Dale and Bat32 for an old fashioned jam session. Many sleazy subjects are touched upon. Pete tells some stories and Cory gives out some Halloween movie recommendations.
PART2: Lori aka MADPUPPHETDETH & Goat from Hillbilly DVD Reviews joins the sweat stained hosts for an extended talk on Halloween Night! 42ND Street Pete also returns to kick it old school and provide his vast knowledge of grease! Also included are cameo segs from MVP's poster boy Streebo and Behind the Mask's very own Riverman! So get ready for an extended episode of the podcast that knows no limit, that's right EXPLOITED CINEMA!

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